Happy New Year!

As we welcome in the new year, it would seem there isn’t much to do concerning beekeeping. This is far from the case. With the unseasonably warm weather we have been having now would be a great time to take a quick peek in the top of the hive and check your emergency feed supply. My own bees were already about 2/3 through the sugar left for them! Refill as necessary, and make a note to check again in a few weeks. When the bees run out of food they will cannibalize any young brood or eggs less than about 7 days old if there are any in the hive, but that will only give them another day. At most you have about 3 days until the whole hive is dead.

Assuming all is well inside the hive, now is the perfect time to join a local beekeeping club / association. most groups are like ours, dues are on a yearly basis ($10/year per family for CVECBKA) so get the most of your money and join in January!

Just a quick peek will show if more supplies are needed.

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