Honey Sales

The following association members have honey products for sale: Please keep in mind that all honey for sale is raw, unprocessed, and locally produced.

Namee-Mail AddressPhoneLocationProduct(s)
Todd Angerzweefer @ gmail.com715-874-5464Eau ClaireRaw Honey, Spun Honey, Cut Comb Honey
Drew Kaiserkaisersonhoney @ gmail.com715-834-4747Eau ClaireRaw Honey, Wax
Jeannie Monpasjeanniemonpas @ gmail.com715-726-1386Chippewa FallsRaw Honey
Clint NaptonN/A715-933-1002BloomerRaw Honey
Kathryn NulkN/A715-878-9496Eau ClaireRaw Honey
Randy Rykal1rrykal @ gmail.com715-289-4198CadottRaw Honey (organically managed)
Laura SchmittN/A715-568-5508ColfaxRaw Honey
Keith Tietzsundayfamilyfarms @ yahoo.com715-712-1817Chippewa FallsRaw Honey, Lip Balm
Adam & Kate WehlingN/A715-864-3629Mondovi / Eau ClaireRaw Honey