The CVBA Association, in partnership with Xcel Energy and Beaver Creek Reserve has implemented a youth scholarship program that aims to teach the responsibility and joys of keeping bees at a significantly reduced cost to new beekeepers. The scholar will receive the two-year training that will ultimately leave him/her a fully fledged beekeeper complete with all the equipment and bees.

The scholarship includes everything needed to keep bees, including boxes, bees and treatments, and equipment needed to inspect the hives. The total cost of these items would normally cost around $800.00. “The only out of pocket cost to the youth is their PPE.” Association member Corey Grotte said. “This allows them to pick from various styles and options to get what is most comfortable for them.”

At the end of the two-year mentorship program each apprentice is given a certificate of ownership transferring the hive and its occupants to the youth.

For more information on the Chippewa Eau Claire County Beekeepers Association please visit their website at


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