Come on spring!

With the winter mostly behind us, cabin fever has firmly set in.  I was out to check the bees, on one of our rare warm days, and was surprised to see them already half way through the emergency sugarboard I left for them.  I am assuming it was due to the unseasonably warm winter we have had.  I quickly made up another batch, and slid in another large chunk of candy for the girls.  

If you haven't been able to check on the bees yet, I would highly recommend doing so, as it could mean the difference between a live hive or a dead out come spring.

Happy New Year

Now is the time to be getting ready for the upcoming season. If the weather is permitting, check to see if your hives are still alive. Look to see if the bees are doing cleansing flights. There will be dead bees in the snow outside the hive. This is normal. Put your ear to the side of the hive. If you don't hear anything, feel free to give it a quick rap. If the colony is dead, order some packages. If it is alive, great news. once again, weather permitting, check the stores of the live hives. Quickly ascertain if supplemental feeding is needed, and if so, add.


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